New and better documentation with more examples

I think DirectX’s SDK is much better than openGL’s docs and examples. Else, it is very compact: in the SDK you have practical examples, an exhaustive documentation and the libraries for compiler… all easy and prepared to use. It also includes a description in order to resolve common developer problems, make some interesting fx…

I think you are very mistaken about sample code.

OpenGL samples abound, there are a slew of books and an ocean of online sample code. Some implementations may not come with all the samples but if you’re on Windows that may have something to do with the company which controls that platform. If you download the Mesa examples directories you will see that there are LOTS of examples in multiple directories from various sources, but even that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Check out NeHe or even… wait a minute this IS, how can you visit THIS web site and post something so patently false did you even look at the rest of … doh! Fell for another troll.