New 3d engines list

I would like to announce, that new 3d engines list was opened – .

Yesterday I finished adding engines from old (do you still remember it?) Karsten Isakovic 3DEL. Only 216 engines from this list have life links and are still supported by their authors! 427 engines disappeared…

Now I am starting adding new modern 3d engines and I will very appreciate your help if your submit information about new engines to the forum or by e-mail .

Well I must say that is a pretty cool site you have there. I think this was really needed. Like you said on the main page, that old 3d engine list, while good, had many dead links. I also like the layout of your site. It will surely go into my favorites folder.


Hi, SirKnight!

It’s very nice to hear so

One month has passed since the time of my last post. Today there are 238 engines in the list.

I added support for FreeBSD OS and now I am looking for engines with FreeBSD support.

Couldn’t anyone give me some links?

I have a few engines on my site.

Hi, ioquan!

Thanks for information. I’ve added 4 engines from your site to the list!

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