nehe tuts cant run in fullscreen...

im makeing my game based on the code from the nehe tuts… but whenever i try to run it in fullscreen it crashes and says “cannot create a gl rendering context”

please help me get it to run in fullsreen on my comp… thanks

Post your code here.

the code is the same as the nehe tuts… on the nehe tuts it can’t go in fullscreen… but the in the code there is:

if (!(hRC=wglCreateContext(hDC))) // Are We Able To Get A Rendering Context?
KillGLWindow(); // Reset The Display
MessageBox(NULL,“Can’t Create A GL Rendering Context.”,“ERROR”,MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
return FALSE; // Return FALSE

it is not the code… it is my computer… but why can’t it run in fullscreen… but it can in windowed?

Thats not the code to switch to fullscreen mode. Your best bet is to analyze the return values of the functions that setup fullscreen for you. go to to find out the meaning of the errors codes.

Old GLman