nehe-tutorial 36 (blurr) works under vc6.0 but NOT under vc7.0 !! how is't possible?

i took tutorial 36 about radial blur from

and it works fine under visual c++ 6.0, but not under visualc++ 7.0 ! how can this happen? i thougth opengl is more or less platform independent and even more compiler version independent…
strange thing. seems that microsofts opengl-implementation in vc7.0 is buggy .
can anyone help out? i think the problem is located by the frambuffer to texture copy.

Could be a gone generation bug? Did you try building it in debug mode with optimizations turned off?

What exactly is the problem. I remeber having found some bugs in radial blur in VC++ 6.0 (don’t have VC++ 7). But I think they were windows related.

librarys compiled for one version of vc normally aint compatable with another version.
this has got nothing to do with opengl per se ie it happens with any libraries.

There is VISUAL C++ 7.0???Where can i read some info about that.Does it have introductionary/standart/professinal/enterprise versions???.Write me a mail about that stuff!

sorry for late reply,
i have compiled both in debug mode (no optimizations) and release mode - neither works. i cannot believe this … i would expect this if i change between win32<->linux, but not between different vc-version…

seems that even in vc7 the gl - header is pretty old:

/*++ BUILD Version: 0004 // Increment this if a change has global effects

Copyright © 1985-96, Microsoft Corporation

Module Name:



Procedure declarations, constant definitions and macros for the OpenGL


#ifndef _gl_h
#ifndef GL_H

#define _gl_h
#define GL_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {

** Copyright 1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
** All Rights Reserved.
** This is UNPUBLISHED PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE of Silicon Graphics, Inc.;
** the contents of this file may not be disclosed to third parties, copied or
** duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written
** permission of Silicon Graphics, Inc.
** Use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions
** as set forth in subdivision ©(1)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data
** and Computer Software clause at DFARS 252.227-7013, and/or in similar or
** successor clauses in the FAR, DOD or NASA FAR Supplement. Unpublished -
** rights reserved under the Copyright Laws of the United States.
Version */
#define GL_VERSION_1_1

so my guess is just a buggy opengl.lib.

You still haven’t explained what “doesn’t works” means. It doesn’t compile, it doesn’t link, it doesn’t display correctly or what?

oh sorry!
it compiles fine, runs fine - but the blur effect is gone in vc7. only the spriral gets drawn. so my assumption is that the framebuffer -> texture copy fails.
but why ?

works fine for me. the EXE is 44K instead of 36K, but it’s working just fine.

quit smoking man.

so - could you please mail me your *.exe (or probably better the complete direc with project files)?
what’s your graphics card ? i got ati-radeon ve… and you visualc++ version ? any updates applied ?

card : GF3
Visual C++ .NET (no SP/update released yet)

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@opla: THANKS !
just tested your package: it works!! recompiled your project - it still works. the .exe - file has identical file size with my exe file !!! (wich still does NOT work)…

now comes the “funny” seeking for the difference in the project file settings and so on…

ok, im deeply sorry for blaming the nehe tutorial not to work under vc7 and to disturb the freedom of the forum-people. the whole story is this: 4 months ago i modified nehes tutorial to get a faster blurring effect (nehe draws the texture 20 times every single time step, i modified it so that the texture is drawn only once a little stretched and that this stretched texture again is saved as texture so one gets an effect a little bit like in the famouse geiss for winamp plugin)
this modification still shows the problem that the vc6-compiled exe works, but the vc7 does not. have a look:

then i tried to check if this problem exists with the “original” tutorial, i had in another directory. same effect - did not work under vc7. but as it turned out now it was NOT the original tutorial, there was a slight modification in the source i simply overlooked. it’s all my fault :-/