Need to pick graphics card for OpenGL

Is there a compliation of features of the different graphcis cards out there?
I am looking for a card that has direct rendering drivers for both Linux and
Windows. Also need
(1) Alpha blending for transparent surface, which I assume most cards have.
(2) 3d texture mapping
(3) If I can get it, 4 user overlay planes.
(4) would like to have a 12 plane pseudo color visual in addition to 24 plane true color
I.e. the standard features on SGI Irix systems.

The Matrox G4xx Cards are already very stable, use Dri but arent so fast.
Yeah, i think they understand alpha + texturmapping ofcourcse.
The Nvidia Cards Gearforce1,2,3,MX are very fast but they arent very stable!
The XServer Crashes very often, but the Performance is really best.
The Geforce3 driver supports already the speziel Geforce 3 features.

The only consumer cards I know of that support 3D textures is GF3 and Radeon. I would pick the GF3 but no drivers for hardware 3D textures is available yet. 3 and 4 is probably not supported on any consumer cards.

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