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I am a master student. I am interested in OpenGL ES but it is quite new for me. I used to do programming with OpenGL. I want to do my master thesis related to OpenGL ES (3D Graphics for Mobile Phone). I am thinking what i could do with that. Does anyone could give me some idea or suggestion? Are there any resource (like online book or example code) about OpenGL ES?

It seems to be not related to the group for this messege. But i think that it is a good place that i can post.

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There’s a book coming out, which is also advertised on the front page of this web site.

The reference manual can be downloaded from this site. The reference implementation, again available on this site, contains ports of many of samples from the redbook (for X11 based systems).

The next version of Vincent will also contain these samples for execution on Windows Mobile (this includes the ug library; kind of a mini-glut put together by David Blythe for running those examples).

You can already obtain snapshots of these samples by checking them out from the project repository on Sourceforge.

Thesis topics: Two areas of research come into my mind: Advanced UI for mobile devices (such as AR or virtual communities), or engineering aspects of optimizing graphics pipelines for mobile platforms. If you are more interested in business aspects, you could research the value chain for mobile entertainment and discuss pros and cons of the various business models.

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