Need some help with my final assignment

Hello guys,

I’m having some troubles with my final assignment for my high school. I’m having troubles fixing bugs.
The deadline is coming soon and I was wondering if I could maybe get some help from someone here.
It’s not something big. There are barely 1000 lines, but it would mean a world to me. :smiley:

What’s the assignment? What are the bugs?

It’s a 2d game. Actually a copy of pharaoah curse.
I did the most of it.
There are some minor things I have to do to get a decent grade.
I have to draw a map.
But I can’t even draw a single quad.

I also have to make a timer work, implement jump, and make a light around my character. :smiley:

We had one week of opengl in school and I have to make my final assignment with it.
The best thing is, when I asked my professor she told me “google it”.

Do you maybe have a disposable email or something.
I’m getting pretty desperate. :smiley:

Cmon guys. I’ll get you games on steam, name my child after you or whatever you want.

I sent you a private message

I didn’t get anything.
Mine is butch.disposable gmail
Or skype lord.emp

…I did the most of it. … But I can’t even draw a single quad.

??? These are contradictory statements. ???