Need some help with creating menus

Hi everyone,

First of all sorry if this sounds stupid but i am new to opengl. I want to make a menu, i.e. like the crysis game menu , for my server. In addition is this i want to make another dialog box appear when something on the server happen i.e. some connects to my server etc, which in turn displays the box saying warning or something as in crysis, when exiting the game. I would like the main window fullscreen so no os menu bars etc appear but then have the warning dialog box in the center of the screen.

Is this possible with opengl, as i dont know how the menu in crysis was made, also is it possible to embed perl,python,ruby or java code in to it has these maybe used along with c++ etc for the server to work with the menu etc.

If anyone can give me any help on this, it will be great.

Many Thanks

Not sure what is the link to OpenGL ?
Using Qt is often recommended.
It can even be GL accelerated :

I heard that CEGUI is messy and bloated, but does a lot of things :

What is your ‘server’ exactly ?

The problem with QT OpenGL is that it is not officially part of Qt. And giving a look at the GL code part of QT, we can read that they can’t ensure to keep it, and that QT GL might be removed in future versions.

Considering the recent partnership between MS and Nokia I think that openGl in Qt is dead… but I don’t want to go Ot.

Returning in topic. Server? What are you talking about? Opengl manage only the graphic part of the game nothing else, it knows only polygon, texture, buffer and shaders… and guess what? the shiny and beautiful interface of Crysis is two triangle with a cool texture.
On the web there are a lot of gui
they came from Ogre 3d but can be used without it.
If you need window and dialog box are ok, if you need a marking menu like in Crysis you have to implement it by yourself, it’s not difficult.

Also… you want to embed a python or a java program in your C++ program? o_O
You can use pygl to program openGl in python and jogl to program openGl in java… you can find opengl implementation also for ruby, perl and any other language that came in your mind… but embedding a language like java into a c++ program it’s a really strange request.
You can use spider monkey to execute javascript or you can try Lua.
Using spider monkey in a little project is like killing mosquito with a granade, Lua is pretty small and easy to integrate.

For javascript (and GUI) you can check trixul ( and intercept the trixul call and draw them with openGl.

I believe Crysis’s UI runs on Scaleform, actually.

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