need some advise


I am making a 2d game and it is my first.
There are three back ground scenes in bmp format that are 600X450 and i want to know the right way to do this. I want to scroll
just two scenes and at the end of the race
scroll the other. My problem is that I
need to know the best way and the right way
I should do this , I was thinking that the picture should be cut into smaller pieces
and texture map them on a grid in x y . SO
please tell me if I`m on the right path or
should I use win32 to scroll the background
and keep it seperate from the gl commands.
And please dont tell me to use win32 to make the whole game because I want to make it in opengl

thank you

use the poly-texture solution. that’s what i am doing in my recent game to archieve a smooth scrolling effect with openGL.

any mixing of openGL and win32-GDI/DirectX commands would yield to unexpected behaviour on different Chipesets.(depending on driver implementation and hardware architecture)