Need some advice please.....

Im a Computer Science major who is somewhat proficient in c++. I have just started looking into what OpenGL would be like, and I am thinking of taking it up. Can someone tell me how difficult the language is(compared to like c++) and how long it would take to learn the basics? Any additional comments would be appreciated, thanks!

I am still learning too.

It seems like most of the courses out there teach OpenGL with GLUT so you should take a look into GLUT too.

If they offer this course where you are, perhaps someone who has taken it or teaches it can give you an idea about projects, etc.?

Good luck.

lol, that is my problem though, I go to college in Montana, so no OpenGl courses are available, so I plan on teaching myself. I taught myself a lot of c++, so i was just wondering the difficulty difference.

Opengl is not a language, its an api. So you still need a language to make all logic in and to call all opengl functions. Opengl has functions for drawing polygons and to texture them and alot of other related things, but its not a language in its own ( there are some extensions that are languages, but you grasp that as soon as you need to use them)

If you’re not already aware of nehe from other posts on this site, that is a good starting point:

Also, course Web page you may find helpful