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Ok I understand that ina modeller like milkshape 3d makes the monster for example but then what does the engine do. I know it loads the model in the game and animates it but what else. What would my engine be physically is it just a part of my source code dedicated to graphics or is a seperare program with a user interface?
Please help me and give me any other information you can

I would imagine the “engine” is the part of your source code that drives the game.

Like collision detection routines, math libraries, model loading, generic animation routines, BSP/Octrees, IO handling.

All these things work together to bring your world (through graphics) to life and present them in a realistic manner to the user. This is what I would call the engine. It’s what drives the game

Of course this isn’t a very technical definition.

Yeah, your game “Engine” is the guts of your program. It’s what makes your game your game. For example, if you’re doing a first person shooter, it controls the effects of the weapons, what the keyboard keys do, how the level layout is controlled (How teleporters and haards and things work), controls enemy AI, and then more technincal things like hit detection and stuff, as well as keeping track of players’ life and ammo and stuff…