Need OpenGL Course in Toronto

Can anyone recommend a good part-time course I can take in Toronto to help me with OpenGL and Windows? I have been working at my company as a Software Developer for a year now, re-engineering our old huge CAD software package written in C to smaller MFC based software packages. I have succesfully managed to re-engineer, improve and debug several OpenGL issues, but it takes me a while to do this. My boss wants me to be the OpenGL guru so he wants me to take some courses or find a tutor but none during work time. I did Computer Science at UofT but never took the Computer Graphics course. I heard that this course is not very hands-on anyways. It’s more comp graphics theory. So if anyone can recommend a course, or even a tutor, my company will pay. I personally want to go for the SGI courses in the US, but I’m having trouble selling that one

Thanks in advance!