Need info . New to Open GL


I have a couple of questions to ask. Hope some one can enlighten me.

Am i right to say that all window programs come with Direct X and Open GL. But both of them do support 3D functions. Can we choose which onw to use for 3D.

Does all grahich cards support Open GL. I know that Nvidia is coming up with the lastest grahich card to support Direct 10x. How abt supporting OPen GL. Where can we donwlaod the latest Open GL.


All windows systems from windows 98 and up comes with basic OpenGL functionality, not all comes with DX, but it is only if you are the programmer of said application that you can choose which one to use.

All graphic cards support OpenGL but to what extent varies from card to card.
To get openGL all you have to do is to make sure that your graphic card drivers are reasonably up to date.

3D functionality is exposed to programmer through OpenGL API and Direct3D API. Both API’s have same functionality. It’s up to programmer to choose which-one would like to use.

To do programming in OpenGL you need compiler with headers and libraries for OpenGL (usually shipped with compiler) and fresh drivers from your graphics card manufacterer.

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