Need Help!


I want to learn OpenGL with C# but I cannot find any decent tutorials online that actually explain in detail how to start a basic application and build on it through a series of tutorials. I have come accross one or two but a) they are in c++ and i want c# b) because they are in c++ the c++ commands i dont know and alot of the functions used dont seem to work in c# c) none of them guide you though a simple step by step guide

For C# bindings, try OpenTK or Tao framework :

Most of the NeHe lessons have a C# version, look at the bottom of the page :

hi yeh the lessons let you download a C# version but i want a tutorial thats written for C# for beginners in 3d grapahics but there just seems to be a big lack of them!

plus the frameworks are all well and good. but they dont teach you how to program opengl!

The Red Book or The Open GL Super Bible will teach you about OpenGL.
The former is available for free online in earlier versions AFAIK.

As for the language you use and the bindings etc., well the theory is all the same under the hood… Consider it “man training” and try your hand at working through a few C++ tutorials. You’ll be all the better for it.

LightHouse3D and NeHe are good sources for you IMO.