Need help urgently

Hi guys, i need some urgent help pls. Currently i have a fastrak sensor and a stylus with me. I want to use the stylus to register a point when i press the stylus button dwn and display it in the opengl window and then when i move my stylus elsewhere and press the button again, another point is register and display. So, i can draw a line between this 2 points and calculate the distance. The question is how shld i go about coding these processes? Any help or links are appreciated.

Let me guess: It´s a homework?

Sorry, moonie, but there is a rule on these boards that if a subject line contains “need help”, “urgent(ly)”, or “PLZ”, then it must not be given a helpful reply for at least 24 hours. Since you managed to use two of these phrases, you won’t get any help for at least two days. Rules are rules.

what is a fastrak, what is a stylus?

@ aron :
interesting; i have never heard of these rules ?
where can i read about them ?

They’re unwritten rules, and as such, you can’t read them. Unless, of course, you write them down first. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I’m tired of seeing posts with subjects like “PLZ PPL I NEED HEPL REEL BAD” and “I’M A MORON AND I NEEED HELP URGENT!!!111” in the Advanced forum only to find out that the question is neither urgent nor advanced. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t give any details about the question. It’s rude, because it’s just trying to trick you into reading something that you wouldn’t normally want to read. It reminds me of junk mail with “important document enclosed” written on it.

Is it even possible to write down an unwritten rule? Or is there an unwritten rule, that unwritten rules can never be written down, no matter how hard you try?
Now i´m confused.

Anyway, “what is a fastrak, what is a stylus?” is a good question.


I think what Aaron is trying to say (it’s a little difficult to tell though ) is that moonies question has absolutely nothing to do with Opengl (it has as much to do with Opengl as a mouse).

Aaron given your unwritten rules (that you wrote above) I’m guessing that the original request for moderators on this list had a subject similar to Need helpful moderators urgently PLZ coz their taking a flipping long time to get them organised…

The answer is Click Click, Tada!

Perhaps reading about input devices will help him? Hmm… ?