Need HELP Urgently

Hie there… I’m assigned to do a Computer Graphics porject using OpenGL. The thing is taht they don’t accept programs as simple as drwaing spheres and all. Does anyone here know where to get source codes online? Or can help me out with the programming?
Can someone please send me the coding? to My mail thank you.
The title is “Hands” It needs movement and coloring and all…

PS: We are allowed to get the codings online.

For a tutorial, try (no www just http://))

Good luck.

Thanx I’ll try it… But then since i’m really running out of time… i would rather have a program modified(myself) than totally go thru the whole tutorials and build a new program… hope y’all understand… would kidaly give me a helping hand… Thank you…

Hmm… plus i dowan polygon codings… I want codings for shapes… like cars… teddy bears all in 3d… hmm tedies would be hard… aeroplane… anyone got??? PLEASE… Your kindness is much appreciated

Are you sure your are supposed to be getting the entire object’s code off the Web? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the assignment? Don’t really understand where this is going I guess.

Aha… talking bout getting the whole code online… it’s true we are allowed… hehe 'cause this is a short semester(2 months only)… My tutor is a VERY understanding man that he has given us the permission to get it from the internet. That’s it… you needn’t worry much HELP me if possible… thanx

Try using the functions gluDrawCar, and gluDrawTeddyBear.

Sorry, but if the standard OpenGL tutorials and the OpenGL Superbible can’t help, I’m don’t know of anything else as I am learning too.

since your “TUTOR” is grading someone else’s hard work, just turn in a piece of paper with URL’s on it. you know, URL’s of sites with free opengl source code.

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