Need help setting up openGL on DevC++

Ok-- question here… i am a complete noob at openGL. well i know very little, but i have experience with other programming languages. I cant get dev C++ to compile my GL apps … could anyone tell me what I should do to make Dev C++ actually run my programs? i must have missed something when setting it up, but im just utterly confused… If you could be so generous, please start with what to download/where to download it to, and so on. all help is greatly appreciated!

Did you add the opengl library’s to the linker option.

Look under project and project options.

Then put this in linker option window:
-lopengl32 -lglu32 -lglut32

also would be helpful to tell us what errors your are getting?

I use devC++!
I had to go thru alot of demos I downloaded and fix them so they would compile… Some only needed a few things, some needed a LOT of fixing, but everything works pretty good now.
By “fixing” I mean adding necessary includes and header files, changing up some erronous data types and in some cases rewriting or ommitting chunks of problem code. So you might want to go ahead and try some of that stuff ;D
yeah I know Im alot of help.

I use devC++4.0 so I dont know how much of a help I can be if you use a newer version
(because I cant get the new versions to compile anything either!)

yah im using 4.0 cause the 5.0 or whatever beta isnt feelin upto compiling GL… i wish i could find an API that let me just compile a program without a huge confusing template in which to expand off of… thanks for help i think ill have to keep opening that GL demo they have, and just replace that code it uses :/.

as to the errors, lemme check- ive been doing alotta model creation etc lately

Just create a new “Windows Application” project file, then add the linker options
-lopengl32 -lglu32 -lglaux -lglut32, Add the demo cpp Files and the h files to the project

(you dont need -lglut or -lglaux if you arent using gluax or glut)

if you are still having trouble ive converted the first 8 odd NeHe Tutorials to Dev-c++ projects, just load and compile

if you want them email me -> mycae AT yahoo dot com