Need help,OpenGL and windows 98 and TNT2.

I worked in windows NT4 and VC++6.
I build a project like the Demo “CUBE” in VC++6 MSDN.(Add some more contents in the scene in CView: rawScene())
It worked very well in NT4,but did not work in windows 98(the movie did not run,showed first frame only).The video card in my machine is TNT2,and my video card driver installed is the newest downloaded from nVIDIA official site with the version
How can I do with this problem.
Did anyone can help me??
Thank you very much.

I think that TNT2+win9x+latest drivers does not work. Check if some other OpenGL programs runs. Do a search for “nvidia driver download” and get 6.X drivers instead.

Thank you,I can not make it work correctly by your method.Any way,thank you very much.

Are you getting redraw events? Maybe there is a problem with itimer driven animations etc. Does the animation continue if you force expose events by popping the window etc. That will give you a clue as to whether the timer is working.

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I think the timer and redraw events working perfectly,coz the application run very well in NT4 and 2000 pro. In fact this problem puzzeled me for a long time.
Although windows 98 + TNT2 is a very popular combination, but…