need help on an open source project

Hi list,

I am in need of an advanced OpenGL developer(s) to maintain the GL section of my open source “media engine” (named Orkid).

I have spent a lot of time myself on the GL portion of the code, but the project is starting to get too big for 1 person (me) to handle, and as a result the GL side is falling behind the D3D side.

The Engine’s web site is
on the website there is a detailed description of the system, docs by doxygen, screenshots, a forum, a bugtracker and a subversion server just waiting to be used !

Note: when I say “engine” - I dont mean game engine, I mean “media engine” because a lot of the engine’s code is suited for content creation (audio, visual, etc…)

  • Orkid is perfectly suitable as a game editor (in fact a lot of its design comes from previous game editors I have written). That being said, there is no reason that you couldnt write a game with it, at one point I had it running at high efficiency on an XBOX.

some of the notable features:

  1. rich shader functionality (FX based rendering)
  2. performance minded introspection/reflection based object system.
  3. GL / D3D / PS2 / Xbox Graphics Drivers
  4. runs on Win32 / Linux / PS2Dev / Xbox / OSX.
    (some platforms better than others due to time
    constraints )
  5. very flexible render target system (rendered textures, multiple viewports, etc…)
  6. flexible asset management and filtering mechanism

notable things it doesnt have:

  1. physics
  2. a decent scene graph

more complete feature list at the website.

The last GL code I wrote was to start an XML based .FX script replacement (since CGFX was broken on ati cards) - I got the first “GX” shader working, but this stuff still needs some work…

I hope someone feels up to it, I dont have time for all the ports anymore and it would be a shame for it to become D3D / windows only… ;<