need help installing :(

I have CodeWarrior 5 and Apple OpenGl SDK 1.0. I’ve looked through all of the documentation and cannot figure out, what parts of the SDK do you have to put in a special place? And where do you put those special parts? Very few of the examples will compile.


As I use MPW, I’m kind of going on memory from a friends system with CW. Putting the SDK into the “MacOS Support” folder inside the “Metrowerks Codewarrior” folder will add all the gl headers to the system search paths so you’ll have access to all the routine names. You’ll also have to manually add the stub libraries to your project though or you’ll get link errors, and the GLUT/TK/AUX/MUI libs as well as their respective resources for those libraries to work.
The other way to do it is to go into your project preferences and add the header search paths (whereever the sdk is located) to your project, and then add the stub libraries/libraries/resources to the project as noted above. But as you’ll have to redo this for every project, I think the first way is the way to go.
I hope this helps, and that my memory hasn’t failed me.

Hi i’m a developer, i’m making my hown engine.
So i can help, you.
You can make the opengl sdk where do you want. you must only set, in project preference, the path where the compiler must serach for file… do this and add the lib by hand to project.
Now it must work…

Good develop

I prefer making a folder called “OpenGL” in my MacOS Support directory and putting the “Headers”, “Libraries”, and “Resources” directories from the SDK into it. Just my 2 cents.