Need help installing OpenGL

I decided to give OpenGL a shot, but I can’t find any webpages that tell me how to install it onto my winXP computer with MSVC 6.0 Pro. Please do not give me any links to tutorials; just tell me what I need to do to get it working correcly from step one to the last step.

Thank you.

You don’t have to install it. It already on your machine. Maybe, you have to install latest graphics driver. Even you don’t want a linke I’ll give you:


Sweet, it works. It must have been the code I entered that was causing errors before. The website is extremely helpful. Thank you & wish me luck with my new addiction of OpenGL :slight_smile:


Ilooked at the site but I could not find the way install opengl to my computer which has visual 2003. Can you help me ??

If you have Visual c++ then you already have all the files you need. OpenGL comes with Most evry video card these days and is supported by Windows NT 3.5 and up. So you sould be ready to develope if you have Visual c++.