Need an Assignment done if possible.

Sorry guys, this is my last option. I am not sure how to ask any of you this but ill try anyway.

I have an assignment due on friday 3pm Australian time, and i need help with this assignment so i can have a chance of passing this subject.

I know some of you guys are elite at coding and C++, however im not so good at it and im desperate.

If anyone can help me out, would you please email me at

The assignment can be viewed at

Please guys, help a student out.

  1. This is your first assignment…how can you passing your class rely on getting this done?

  2. …This is your first assignment; already you want people to do it for you? Without understanding the ground work you have no hope of moving forward.

oh, and…
3) This is your assignment. I don’t claim to speak for everyone, but you’ll find that people have little patience for others coming out of nowhere and in their first posts asking people to do their work for them. Formulate some questions…at least attempt to do it yourself.

We’re here to help you (and I would be more than happy to do so), not do your work for you.

Good luck.

Dude we might have to work with you some day if you pass !!!


Heck, most of that stuff you can check out Tutorials. There are many sites that have this basic stuff.

Oh man, the “my life depends on this!” assignment post… Haven’t seen one of these in a while, guess it’s because school just started back up.

Wow, though, I wish my computer graphics class back at PSU had had an assignment like that, and not “head leaning back in class snoring” things like “describe Bresenham’s line algorithm. You are free to copy the algorithm verbatim from Chapter Two where it was introduced,” or, “using OpenGL, draw a line segment. The segment need not be visible for you to pass this assignment.”

For my final project I was the engine developer of the group, which made a simple Wolfenstein clone (but mine had dynamic lights!) the most difficult for me was synchronizing execution between the main game thread and the thread in which GLUT was running since I refused to put all the game logic in the GLUT idle timeslice and the second thread couldn’t make any OpenGL calls since the rendering context was the property of the GLUT thread.

But anyway, seriously, you’re never going to learn if you don’t do, so next time don’t wait until the last minute and sit down with the material and read it and do it until you understand it. Everybody has a learning curve for new stuff and computer graphics is definitely no exception.