need a quick answer of my very simple question

hello sir,

i have a very basic tasks, i have a web page where users upload their files against the products. products are like popup banners, sign boards. I want these products to be textured using opengl

I have max3d files for all these products. I want that when a user upload their file, his file should be added to 3d product as texture and an we convert it to an image and then display to user.

My questions are

is it possible using opengl?

Can i do this whole process from commandline, as i have remote access to this dedicate server using ssh.

again i’ll mention process is

  1. apply texture to max3d file(.obj .wrl or anyother which i can export from max3d )
  2. convert textured 3d file into an image

please guide me , i’ll be very thankful.

thanks & Regards


i think webGL would be the way to go as it allows you to render 3d objects in a web browser

Thanks for answer, I can not use WebGL because it is not supported by all the browser


i don’t want to show 3d object in browser, i just want to create a static image after applying texture on it.

so i just need a command or script which apply texture on a 3d file and create a static image of it.

please share your views on it.


find solution by using aqsis utility , which allow to render 3ds in rib format using linux command prompt.