N00B: Where to start?


I’m am very new to OpenGL and would like to know where or how to start. Can you please help me?

Here it is:

You don’t want to miss reading this section.

First off, make sure you have a firm grasp or C/C++.

Next, this site: http://nehe.gamedev.net/

and this book (just the OpenGL chapters):
OpenGL Game Programming

… is the best way to start, IMO.

you need a

  1. good C/C++ experience.
  2. a C/C++ compiler (gcc, VC6, borland, ect…).
  3. Books on openGL. OpenGL Game Programming is good (never read it but it’s well rated), that nehe site is actually related to the book, so even better.
  4. a basic understanding of vectors and matrices (that book I think gives you an introduction).
  5. a basic understanding on how a basic the graphics pipeline works.
  6. glut toolkit. very simple.