my machine dies frequently

I have been programming openGL on windows 2000 for a few month, and ever since I start doing a project using texture mapping, the machine dies very frequently while I am programing using OpenGL.
Now it is even worse, every time I modify my program a little bit, and run it again, then modify it and try to run it again, it will die and restart.What is wrong? I am using Visual C++ to compile and run my OpenGL programs.

Please help!!

Just a guess, but maybe your video driver has installed a buggy opengl implementation, or perhaps the driver itself is buggy. Try getting the latest, stable drivers for your video card.

Hey i’ve had that happen on a project where i was loading some 246 ascii ppm files and displaying them as an animation. What happened for me was that i had a place in my code where i overstepped the array bounds…so if i had an array of just 4 elements, i was trying to access the 5th one…That sent my computer crashing and burning =…I don’t know the problem with yours though. It may be the same…may be different.

Good luck with it

  • Halcyon

Are you usng win32?
If you are, you must make sure you are releasing your used resources. Every resource you use, set it to null after releasing it.
Sometimes unregistering your class is overlooked, but it will hunt you down.
I am not certain if this is your case…
Post some sample exec to see if it works on other machines… Just a suggestion.

Good luck.