My KDevelop does not have Normal-OpenGL in the Application Wizard

According to the KDevelop manual, there is supposed to be the option to select a Normal-OpenGL project in the Application Wizard. I don’t see it my KDevelop that came with Red Hat 7.3. How can I get it and how do I install it?

Here is the page to the manual:

Have you checked your kdevelop version number (probably in help/about ) ? And the version number necessary to have the normal-opengl option ?

The manual title page has the following information:

The Reference Guide to the KDevelop Integrated Development Environment for Unix Systems, Version 1.1
Ralf Nolden <>The KDevelop Team
Version 2.2 , July 29,1999

And my version of KDevelop is the one that came with the latest version of Red Hat which is 7.3. I don’t think that is the problem.

You might have some better luck posting this in a kdevelop forum (if there is one)

Just because your version of RedHat is 7.3, doesn’t mean your version of kdevelop is 1.1 or greater. Might want to check what version of kdevelop you have, anyway.

My version of KDevelop is 2.1

Anyone have any idea how I can get that option?

Any and all tips and clues would be appreciated.

Im pretty sure they got rid of OpenGL in the app wizard in the newer versions. I dont have one. You should just do a Terminal C or C++ or a custom. Then Project->Options->Compiler Options->Linker Flages and were it says Addtional Flags put -B /usr/X11R6/lib (or were ever your ogl libs are). Then goto Project->Options->Linker Options and were it says addtional libs put in -lXi -lXmu -lglut -lGL -lGLU -lpthread (note thats for glut)also check X11 and math. Then click ok and your set. There has been one problem Ive ran into. That is for some reason Kdevelop wants to link glide when I dont have glide because I have a nvidia geforce card. Im not sure why it wants to link glide though im still figuring it out.

Hope this helps!


It does. Thank you very much.