My GeForce2MX gets stuck!!!

I have a GeForce2MX, and it gets stuck when I run games: The game loads, after ~10 seconds it gets stuck, and I have to reboot my system.

Some details about my machine:
Pentium III 933 MHz
GeForce2MX (drivers:
Windows Millenium

If u have any idea what can cause these system crashes, please help me!

Thank you,


There’s not really any way to diagnose from that info. It could be a problem with your drivers, with WinME, with the GeForce2MX, or with the game.

I’d suggest trying to narrow the list of possible problems.


driver version: 0618

That’s a very old driver. I’d suggest updating to the latest (or at least anything 10xx or better). Fixed a bunch of problems for me (like both Tomb Raider IV and EverQuest, when running under Win2k)

Maybe a silly question, but… do you have a VIA chipset?

If that’s the case you should update your AGP driver ( ).

Thank you all very much!
I’ll try your suggestions, and i hope it would help.


not opengl related but all of a sudden i have found that UT is basicly useless now becuase it is so slow. The reason it is slow is because it constantly reading the hard drive, my guess is that it is using a load of virtual memory- never did before. PC-> p3 600, 128MB 100Mhz SDRAM, TNT2 m64 32MB. Dont think it should suddenly need so much more ram. It is more aparent when loading the larger levels and on some it will make windows crash- once it said that it had run out of memory and can’t run some program.
I have checked windows and it still says that there is 128MB.



Most propably you will need an extra fan on the GeForce chipset to keep the temprature low… I have seen the same problem on a TNT2 and the extra fan did the difference.

This is probably not necessary for a GeForce2MX. It runs much cooler (which is why it has a derivative that runs in laptops).

Thanks -

About the fan, I have already thought about that and added an extra fan, but it seems not to help.

My friend suggested to check the “Clock Frequencies” Tag in the GeForce settings, and lower the values there. I don’t really know what is the meaning of these settings. Maybe you know… =]

Thanx for helping,

One will me the main GPU clock speed, like a normal CPU clock speed the other will be the memory speed like with normal ram you have 100MHz, 133, 150 and 266 DDR etc. Altering the values will over/under clock your gfx card. Underclocking is fine but obviously don’t overclock too much (I think when I could smell smoke my TNT2 was getting a bit hot )
Oh year and fixed the problem with UT, it started using the software renderer ??