Mutiple rendering planes with GLX

Hello gang,
This is a little bit of an advanced question, but I hope someone can help. I am trying to create a OGL application on a Solaris(SUN) workstation using X-windows/Motif(NO GLUT!!). I know that you can have more than one rendering plane in OGL(your main plane and a transparent overlay), my problem is that I can’t seem to find an example or anyone who knows to set one up in GLX.
What I am triyng to do is have one plane with a large complex object that doesn’t move or change too often in one plane(the main one) and then draw the constantly changing, smaller stuff in the overlay plane. Thus when stuff changes I only have to redraw the stuff in the overlay plane instead of everything(hopefully incresing performance a tad). Using mutiple planes seems like a good idea, if only I could figgure out how to use them!! If anyone knows of a demo/source code for this, I will be very gratefull!!
NOTE: I am not talking about double buffering, I know how to do that. This is mutiple rendering planes - big diffrence!! I have recieved numerious replys about double buffering when I have posted this question in other newsboards. I don’t want that!! I am hoping someone can help me!!

Side question: Does anyone know if you can have double buffering on the mutiple planes?


In the green book there is an extensive Xlib-only example of using overlay planes.

The source code for all of the examples in the book can be found here:

I’m not sure on the double-buffering aspect of them… I’ve never tried it.


Thanks Chris!!
That gives me a starting point anyways!! If anyone has any experence using mutiple rendering planes, please contact me. Thanks!!!