Multithreading and VBOs

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I have a problem using VBOs ina multithread application. Shortly I have two threads, the “renderer” which draws data with VBOs and the “updater” which update the VBOs’ content. To achieve this, I create two GL contexes, one for each thread. Moreover, whenever both threads should refer to the same VBO I guarantee mutual exclusion on that. The problem is that the updater never update the vbo content.

This is the actual order of operations:

  1. Create rendering (main) GL context;
  2. Create empty VBOs.
  3. Launch the “updater” thread.
    3-a) create the updater GL context and make it current.
    3-b) call wglShareLists(rendering_ctx, updater_ctx).
  4. When the renderer wants to render a vbo, locks it, draw it and unlock it.
  5. Similarly, when the updater wants to update the content of a vbo, locks it, update it and unlock it.

In effect, I get a GL_INVALID_VALUE after a glBufferSubData() in the updater thread (yes, I checked thousand times the parameters passed and they are ok).

Some help?

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in another thread i found this:

Originally posted by Relic:
Create your window,
select and set a pixelformat (once!),
create the main rendering thread,
create your main rendering OpenGL context,
wglMakeCurrent in the main thread,
create your texture loading OpenGL context,
NOW: wglShareList(mainContext, textureLoadingContext)!
Create the texture loading thread,
wglMakeCurrent of the texture loading OpenGL context to the texture loading thread.

I had to create the secondary context on the main thread.

Thanks ALOT!!!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
I think your analysis of the root cause is not correct.
In your case 3-b) call wglShareLists(rendering_ctx, updater_ctx) should have failed because the parameter hglrc2 was made current.
During debugging you would have caught this if you asserted on the boolean return value.

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