When i use multitexturing in my system it gives the error “GL_ARB_multitexture Extensions not supported”.

How can i use multitexturing in my system. Which .DLL provides this? From where i can download?


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I’m sorry but you don’t give much information except that you want to use multitexturing and it doesn’t work.

How do you access the multitexuring feature ? Do you load an extension ? The ARB_multitexture extension ? In that case, how do you load it ? Do you have your own calls to wglGetProcAddress or do you use a GL extension library ?

What do you mean by “it gives the error” ? Does it crash the program or the system ? Is a file missing ? Is a function pointer missing in a DLL ?

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That’s sounds like you are trying to run somebody’s OpenGL demo.

If you don’t have hardware multitexturing, then you don’t have it.

You have to buy a new graphics card to get it.

If you’re programming, then you can always do multi-pass multitexturing,
which is sloowwwww.