Multitexturing Question...


I am i VB programmer and i want multitexturing (DON’T LEAVE JUST BECAUSE I SAID VB, ITS NOT THAT BAD!). I’v attempted several things, such as creating my own type library (couldn’t find entry points), and creating links to opengl (couldn’t find entry point again). So i have a problem…

This is what i tryed (tell me if i’m doing it wrong, and this is just one of them)

Public Declare Function glActiveTextureARB Lib “OpenGL32.dll” Alias ??? (ByVal texture As GLenum)
but i’m not sure what goes in the question marks (i know, hex, but what value?)

Any suggestions to get around the problem would be helpful (except “Don’t use multitexturing”) And please don’t post a message about how VB is bad, i’m only in 9th grade and don’t know much else. I know a little C++, but try not to say to much about it to me, as i’m not very good at it.

Thanks for anything

Hum, as it’s a extension the fonction doesn’t exist, you need to obtaint en pointer with wglGetProcAddress. But i’m not sure VB can use such pointer to function. If not, you probably need to do the extension loading in a C code (in a dll or in .Net operatibility if it’s VB.Net).