multitexture with 3DFX

Ooooups !
I’ve just find that the Texture_env_combine extension wasn’t present on th Vodoo !

wow… not cool… it’s limiting a lot the power of multitexture isn’t it ?

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GL_ARB_multitexture is supported on Vaudoo2+. But i remember the texture env modes are pretty limited. You should be able to use GL_REPLACE, GL_MODULATE, GL_DECAL and GL_ADD. Maybe you are using one that is not available on a Vaudoo?


sorry I didn’t take the time to read your answer before mistakly-edit my post…

it’s exactly what you say : no texture_env_combine -> so multitexture loose a lot of it’s powerfull caracteristics, isn’t it ?

Yes, but it’s more correct to say that the extension added a lot of power. The vanilla multitexture simply feeds the output from one texture into the next texture unit with a few limited operations. The env_combine improves the list of operations and combined with the GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar extension adds greater flexibility to the way you use and connect texture units together in useful ways.