Multitexture on Linux

Hi all,
I took the Linux challenge and got my code to work on Linux now! Yippee! But I am having a strange problem. It seems multitexturing isn’t working right. Do I have to load the Multitexture functions still? I thought Mesa was 1.3 compliant so multitexture was built into it? It seems that it isn’t working at all right now even though the same code worked fine on Windoze.

Hi, I dont use Mesa myself, but that shouldnt matter. You dont have to get function pointers for extensions in Linux, you just go ahead and start using it. You should however always check to see if the extension is available.

Old GLman

Oops my bad,
they are working fine. I made a booboo in my code.

Hey yah! I actually like GCC inline assembler now better than the WIndoze crap. It’s cool, you can specify all your registers in the input/output section so it does it for you automatically. It took a few hours cause I have alot of code written in assembler and I had to rewrite it in GCC asm.

And KDE studio is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. So I am loving Linux again :

SO far my same app is much faster on Linux and I have not compiled with optimizations yet either.

Ah! I knew you would love Linux!!