Multisampling not working


I already saw reports here that multisampling just doesn’t work ,but I didn’t see the solution …

1.I tried glew and also samples without glew - from redbook and superbible - and none of them works on my computer…
Returned value for number of samples and sample buffers is 0.
My card is new and all multisampling features are supported (I’m using other advanced extensions without problems).
Any ideas?

2.In case I’ll fix it - is it recommended to use ? (since I can never know if on customer computer it will work too? )


How are you creating your OpenGL context and what is your card? Also, did you enable multisampling with glEnable?

2.Of course I do enabling
I’m also running redbook and superbible complete examples,so
initialization/enabling should be correct

My card is Quadro NVS 135M (I saw clearly that multisampling is supported)

Im not sure what GLUT_MULTISAMPLE does (u can check the source if you are curious)
but since the standard glut hasnt been updated for at least 10 years, ie I assume before the advent of ARB_multisample, I’ld say
GLUT_MULTISAMPLE might handle something else (though with a name like that, what)

A more recent window manager (that does deal with multisample) is SDL

also with nvidia cards the setting the user has in the drivers settings can override the apps settings, so check those out as well