multisampling antialias?

i learned that GeForce Ti4600 support multisampling antialias.but i test it and it doesn’t work! so i want to know if opengl1.1 support antialias. Must i write code to enable multisample manually? Thanks!!

You have to use some GL extensions, in order to get the Multisampling to work.

Take a look at GL_ARB_multisample, WGL_ARB_multisample and WGL_ARB_pixel_format.

You have to request an AA capable pixel format via the both WGL extensions and can use the GL one to toggle between AA visible and AA not visible during App execution.


thankx for your reply! can i say that LG_LINE_SMOOTH_HINT in opengl1.1 doesn’t work at all!

The hint is just for quality. You still have to glEnable line smooth it and glEnable blending for antialiased lines. This of course has nothing to do with multisample antialiasing.