yo dudes, can anybody tell me how I can set up an opengl rendering context properly with multisample enabled?
I tried to do this without the nvidia gl headers but I haven’t succeeded (what ever I do).
I don’t know what to do exacly with the wglChoosePixelFormatARB function, and I also don’t know If I should call the SetPixelFormat. Basicly I don’t have any clue. There’s no proper documentation on that and even not any sample source code I could find for examination, except the “nv pixel format” source code. But that source code (MFC and overly complicated with glut and nvidia own gl-headers)is too complex for me as a beginner. I thought it was a matter of replacing wglChoosePixelFormat with wglChoosePixelFormatARB. Can somebody, please, send some sample source code which demostrates how to solve my problem?

P.S. sorry for my bad english.

i don’t know what multi-sample is, but upon recognizing ARB do you mean Multi-Texturing? If so, has a tutorial on multi-texturing using ARB.

WGL_ARB_multisample is an extension used for fullscreen anti-aliasing. This feature is only available on high-end video carts like GeForce (2?)/3/4 and ATI Radeon 8500 and such. There’s not very much information available on the net on how to use it. There is a “presentations” available on ( But that (only) document (on the net) contains too little information for a beginner to understand how to use the multisample extension. Though, after hours of trying I succeeded at last
If somebody wants to know how to use it, then just give a reply.

Better yet, write a tutorial and benefit many.

hehe, I’ll see if I can make some time tomorrow to make a tutorial. Any suggestions where I can upload it too?

You could send it to

He has posted many different tutorials from various people on his site.

Let me know and I can make an account in my server if you want to have your stuff there…

email me…