Multiply Viewports(?) - 2D Menu in a 3D world

Hello to you reader.
I have a little problem and i want your help.
I am making a terrain editor (something like a modeler but it based on terrains). The whole thing is in fullscreen (because i don’t know MFC and i hate windows).
Something like Bryce (!!!)
I want to make a menu (horizontal bar on the top of the screen) for saving, loading etc. like a real window’s menu.
I made all of it but the problem is that the terrain is drawn behind the menu.
I mean, i want to specify a viewport only for 3D rendering and a viewport for the rest of 2d stuff.
Have i made myself clear.
Please if you understood the problem and you have a solution inform me.



Hi !

Have a look at glViewport(), you can select the area of the window to draw in, have a look in the FAQ more more details about this.


Look there–>…ndaryColor.html


I’ve found the glui library to be VERY useful when trying to mimic the behavior of windows(MFC) stuff. It’s pretty simple to use and is written on top of glut so it’s completely portatble!!!
check out:

Hello again!
First of all, the glui library is very useful when you are using glut (!!!).
I am not using glut, because i don’t like its structure.
I want to have control of everything and i don’t care a lot for portability. If there is a way of using glui without glut please inform me.
Secondly, the menu structure is ready and completely workable (!!!), but i don’t want to render 3d stuff behind 2d menus. This is the problem.
Thanks a lot for your replies.
Someday, you will be able to see the Ter(rain)Ed(itor) (TerEd) and you will see what the real problemn is. If i won’t fix it since the final release.
Thanks again.