Multiple Windows & Rendering Contexts

I am setting up two different rendering windows for a 2048x1556 textured image, using the same fragment shader for each. Same image processing, different sizes and locations.

The first window, which was current before all texture/drawing operations displays fine. When I call glMakeCurrent to switch to the other window, then call glBegin/glEnd to redraw the geometry, and swap buffers, I only get a white texture. OpenGL doesn’t seem to know about the current texture I have just set up.

Question: How much code do I have to re-write for the second window? Speed is critical as this is a realtime movie processing app.

I am grateful for your advice.

If you are creating a texture in window1(RC1) you cannot use it in window2(RC2) unless you are sharing contexts and initializing the same texture in both the rendering contexts.

Thank you. I found that I needed to use the same rendering context provided when creating the first window for all calls to glMakeCurrent, regardless of which window is being called.

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