Multiple Window Rendering using same texture buffer in same Application

Hey hi ,
I have a Scenario , where

I created first window and initialized the OpenGL 3.3 Context and i’m able to render the texture on Window,

but now I have Created another second window with OpenGL initialized , so it’s having it’s own HDC, HGLRC and HWND so i want to use the texture buffer from first window , to render in second window.

it’s running in Same process ,

first window rendering with its own HGLRC , HWND and HDC,
but now the texture loaded by first window to texture buffer , i have to reuse in second window which having it’s own HGLRC , HWND and HDC,

how do i share texture buffer between two rendering contexts within same process but between different threads , in which all thread have capabilities to render
on it’s own window.

so here every window have it’s own Opengl initialization for context , and can able to render on its own window
problem to solve is to share the texture between these two rendering threads which render same texture buffer .

See these sections in the wiki:

[li]Platform specifics: Windows#wglShareLists [/li][li]Creating an OpenGL Context (WGL)#Create Context with Attributes [/li][li]OpenGL and multithreading [/li][/ul]

i found this link :

but i was unable to found below two functions in wgl

CGLuint wglAcquireDCFramebuffer(HDC hDC);
void wglReleaseDCFramebuffer(HDC hDC, CGLuint framebuffer);

even they dint have any documentation for wglAcquireDCFramebuffer and wglReleaseDCFramebuffer.

please can anyone tell me, what are they ,even they exist also ?
sicne in , he has stated to fix multiple monitor and multiple window

[QUOTE=Dark Photon;1293060]See these sections in the wiki:

[li]Platform specifics: Windows#wglShareLists
[/li][li]Creating an OpenGL Context (WGL)#Create Context with Attributes
[/li][li]OpenGL and multithreading

i looked through above links , but all they describe to wglmakecurrent every time per context for different window rendering .
but i have two different context in two thread and how should i share the texture buffer from main rendering thread to child rendering thread,
both thread render on it’s own window,
but the main thread upload the :->data to PBO :->create texture :-> and Render,
but the,
tchild window should able to acess the texture buffer created by main rendering thread just to render on its window.

Yes, exactly. Why can’t you create two contexts that share GL objects using either:

[li]The “hShareContext” argument of wglCreateContextAttribsARB(), OR [/li][li]Calling wglShareLists() immediately after creating the two contexts? [/li][/ol]
That’s why I pointed you to those links. Sorry it wasn’t obvious.

Just be sure to create and share your contexts first. Then create GL objects through them.

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