Multiple viewports

Hi there,
I’m trying to implement multiple viewports, but it doesn’t work.
I’ ve enabled the multiple viewport device features, I’ ve created my 4 viewport and 4 scissors, setted them into the viewport create info…but nothing (i didn’t have any dynamic states at that time).
2nd try: enable multi viewport device feature, ONLY setted up the number of viewports and scissor in the viewport create info, setted the dynamics states (viewport and scissor), created the viewports and scissor and setted them up while recording the command buffer in this order: begin render pass -> set viewport/scissor -> set pipeline -> etc…

I hope that my English is clear…thanks.

Pretty hard to judge what’s wrong with such few details. But are you actually writing to any of the multiple viewports using gl_ViewportIndex in the geometry shader?

thanks a lot. I didn’t know when I should use a geometry shader and now I do.
thank you.