Multiple Monitors and EXT_framebuffer_object

I wrote software that uses EXT_framebuffer_object to do some offscreen rendering. I am using GLEW to access the extensions, and glewinfo to list them. When one monitor is connected (either the built in screen on my laptop or only the external screen), GL_EXT_framebuffer_object is reported as “OK” and my software runs fine.

When a second monitor is connected (so I’m using both the external monitor and the built-in), glewinfo lists GL_EXT_framebuffer_object as “Missing” and my software crashes when trying to call glGenFramebuffers() [as would be expected]

The system is a brand new Alienware laptop with a GeForce 6800 Go Ultra card. Alienware uses some custom drivers, could this be the cause or am I just out of luck with any laptop? Is it worth my time to fall back to pBuffers instead of FBO’s?

Thanks to anyone with some insight.

When you connect the 2nd monitor, by default the display setting is set to DualView change it to Horizontal Span mode and try.

For some reason, span mode is not an option. All I have is DualView, Clone and Single. I’m guessing this is a “feature” of the mobile card or driver.

What is your driver version number?