Multiple Monitor Support for 3d Apps in XP

I’m running an XP system with two Vid Cards, and two Monitors. On my old computer this worked well with 3d apps when running win2k, but now Maya (3dapp) wont support OpenGL across the two monitors…only works on whichever is selected as the primary monitor. This is an important issue for me, since Maya uses openGL so extensively, most windows use the programs camera tools, which I believe run on OpenGL…even the shader windows. Unless there is some registry setting that can be adjusted to change this. I don’t understand why it worked so well on NT4 and Win2k, and not on XP.

Thank you for any help.

This a driver issue and not opengl design issue.


Although that is a very easy response to give without giving ANY help whatso ever…I dont think its a driver issue, only because…when it first started thats what I thought, so I went and bought two different vid cards, and on that note…I tried configurations where there were two identical brands, and mix and matched…regardless, I had the same result. OpenGL works on either video card, BUT NOT ON BOTH…I have to bring up display cp and change which one I want as my primary monitor…and the problem shifts.


At least it has nothing to do with OpenGL itself, which this board is all about.

There’s nothing in OpenGL that prevents support for dual monitors. The problem is that the driver has to support it. After all, it’s the driver that tells the hardware what to do, and if the driver don’t know how to deal with more than one monitor… well… hope you see what I’m trying to say.

This is a problem with Windowze, no version of Windowze can do multi-monitor OpenGL, most of the time you have to close the second card down.

I have seen some combinations of hardware actually work fine, but I have never been able to get it tow work properly. I just got a dual monitor card for work.

So, in effect; it is not a driver nor an OpenGL problem, it’s Windowze!
Bitch to M$, they won’t change it though.