Multi-platform engine with C++.


Does anyone know a web site, book or whatever that talk about designing a multi platform engine in C++? I dont mean by multi-platform that the engine link different render functions. I mean an engine that most object have platform specific layer and generic layer.

Sorry if that topic isnt opengl specific but I think somes peoples here must have that kind of knowledge.
And if my english isnt good, it’s not because I’m stupid… It’s more because it’s not my first language. :wink:



There are a lot of people on this forum whose first language is not English. Nobody thought you were stupid.

About your question, I have no clue.

PS: Moi aussi j’aime la patate

I think, that you should go to
Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos there is a page there, called “Indirect3D project”. It seems for me, that its just, what you want - crossplatforming 3D System development in C++ or Delphi.