Multi-monitors, Microsofts OGL screensavers do it, why can't I??


I’m struggling to get multi-monitors working properly with OpenGL. What I noticed tho is that even with 2 completely diff video cards in my machine the OpenGL screensavers that come with WindowsXP work perfectly on both monitors at the same time. Is there some trick to doing it?

I remember getting the source to the old 98 versions of MS’s OpenGL screensavers, does anyone know where/if the source for the XP versions is available? I’d really like to know how they did it.

Any help would be appreciated.


The 3D screen savers that come with XP are Direct3D, not OpenGL.

If you’re using different cards you’re out of luck in Windows. If you’re using the same card you should be able to output to two monitors and get acceleration just fine. Though make sure you’re initializing the window at it’s proper position before initializing OpenGL.