Multi-GPU & OpenGL possible?

Is it possible to utilize more than one graphic card at the same time with windows?
If so, how?
I do not want to use SLI which is handled transparently by the driver. I want to control each graphic card separately, through a separate context.

Yes, you can use multiple GPUs with windows.

  1. Connect atleast one display to each GPU
  2. Create 2 windows (one on each display).
  3. Create an OpenGL rendering context for each window
  4. Make the rendering context current of the window (GPU) to which you want to draw to.

Alternatively u can create 2 threads and make one context current in each thread and issue the draw calls.

Furthermore, there is an NVIDIA extension to do that through OpenGL (WGL), WGL_NV_gpu_affinity. Yet, the spec hasn’t been seen round…

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