MUI problems

Hi all, I am working on a 3D viewer application and need more 2 GUI windows for setting input parameters. I have created first GUI window under the mui library. But the second one still does not work well. The widgets which I created on the first GUI window is copied to the second GUI window automatically even though I created different UI list by muiNewUIList and muiSetActiveUIList. I drew other different widgets on the second window but they are not available. What will happen on MUI when the multiple GUI window created by this library?

Other question: is there any easy way to create a file browser by MUI?

Thank you in advance for any help and answers!


MUI sems to be a very old GUI library. Maybe you will have some difficulties to find answers.

If you are interested, this is a list of good C/C++ GUI library which support OpenGL rendering:
_ wxWidgets
_ GTK+
_ FoxToolkit
_ QT
_ Win32 API and Winforms under Windows