Could someone please tell me how to link the opengl libs in MPW? I can quite seem to figure it out. I guess I’d need to edit the .make file to point at the right directory, some how?


Take a look at your makefile. The OpenGL libraries should be included in a fashion similar to InterfaceLib. If you do not have a makefile already use CreatteMake to create one.


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Since I’ve posted this I have got everything linking fine (using the MPW version of the glut libraries), but now it fails when the window was being created, I think I might need to make all the libraries tk, aux … and link those. If that’s the case it’s a bit weird that it linked fine.

Allocate more memory to your application. The default is usually very low. Around 400K.
Try giving your app 5 meg to start.

I did try allocating it more memory (through apple-I), I think I might have pumped up the values quite high.
I did remember reading somewhere that it needed extra stack as well as heap memory.
Is there anyway of increasing the stack size?
Or is that automatically taken care of? (Sorry I’ve only had my mac for a while, and I’m on on NT boxes at work).

As a side note, I could get the apple example source to work (all the ones with AGL stuff, but no glut).


Did you include the appropriate resource file in your project (glut.rsrc or tk.rsrc)?

BTW.: Do you use the original glut.lib provided by the SDK or did you recompile glut with MPW?


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I didn’t know about the resource file, I’ll have a try.

I got hold of the glut.lib recompiled for MPW (via )

Just remembered I tried doing the program fullscreen and it wouldn’t do it either it said:
GLUT: Fatal Error in glprg: visual with necessary capabilities not found.