Mozes and OpenGL

Im searching for OpenGL tutorials (even giving just 1 will do) that are MADE in and for BORLAND. Can you be my Moses and make an exodus with me to the promised land ehm website???

Borland is a C/C++ compiler… so… er… you’d want C/C++ tutorials, right? 'course you do.


NO , waves with staff , puts the staff in the nile making it red with blood , i want tutorial BORLAND code that i don’t have to RECODE or do anything, just press F9 and build and execute , and also can make it working if i type it in, in my BORLAND

So how exactly does borland code differ from the code I write in codewarrior?

What he means is that you go through a different process of creating a workspace in Borland from that of code warrior… I guess that is what he means…

Try that get started…

Do you want to use GLUT? Or Windows libs for the graphical interface…?

When you say Borland, do you mean Pascal? For C/C++ you don’t have to change anything, but Borland Pascal is quite different from other Pascal implementations.