moving elements

could somebody tell me how to simply move an element (square, etc.) up, down, left, right?
is there anything simple like rotatef() ? :frowning: :rolleyes:

yes it is there.

it is glrotatef(angle,x-axis,y-axis,z-axis);

angle is the angle of rotation.

x-axis=1.0 rotate along x-axis,0.0 donot rotate along x-axis.

similarly y and z.

it is as simple as that.

I think, what you wanted to know was

glTranslatef (x, y, z);


Thanks a lot, but I guess I explained it wrong.
Drawing is not the problem. I am trying to make some animation with a temporization. Example: I drew a robot. Now I want to make it walking. I can raise a leg, swing an arm, but how do I get the whole thing to move left, when moving the legs?

finally your question is “how to implement the perpetual movment of walking”

leg is also controlling the leg movement

Post the code so we can se what you are trying to do

the code is too long. why doesn’t anybody understand?
I am trying to slowly move an object from one place to another AFTER it has been drawn.

imagine a bee fying by, a car moving forward, that kind of thing.

as i get it you can do this:


that will move the object, or try explaining it better…