Moutain Lion (10.8) OpenGL version

I haven’t seen it reported elsewhere on the net, but now that Mountain Lion (10.8) has been released, here is the OpenGL version info for the Core profile:

[OpenGL Renderer] NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT OpenGL Engine
[OpenGL Vendor] NVIDIA Corporation
[OpenGL Version] 3.2 NVIDIA-8.0.51
[OpenGL Profile] Core
[OpenGL Shading Language] 1.50

Effectively, no change compared to Lion on this MBP.

Perhaps someone with an NVIDIA Kepler GPU could report their OpenGL version information?
Such as the new Retina Mac Book Pro?

  • Nigel

There are no updates compared to 10.7.4 (, even my list of bugs is still “valid”…

Well, but it seems that 4.2 is coming…

“According to one source who spoke to Ars on the condition of anonymity, Apple has significantly altered the architecture of the graphics subsystem in Mountain Lion, cleaning up the interface between OpenGL and drivers in order to implement upcoming support for OpenGL 4.2. OS X currently supports version 3.2, and the lack of support for the latest version shows when comparing performance with Windows.”

“The changes to the graphics subsystem should enable Apple to more quickly update OpenGL support as the OpenGL Working Group releases new versions. There’s no known timeline for when OS X will support OpenGL 4.2, though, and Apple declined to comment on the matter.”


Which is great timing for this post, since this article is fresh.

By the way, I leave you with this.

Just a question for you guys. Does OpenGL 4.2 really increase the performance of < 4.0 based applications? Is it possible?

Does OpenGL 4.2 really increase the performance

No; not in the way that the ArsTech article is saying it. That’s shoddy journalism by people who really ought to know better.

Just a question for you guys. Does OpenGL 4.2 really increase the performance of < 4.0 based applications? Is it possible?[/QUOTE]

We’d actually like to use the silicon on our systems. You know, bptc, tesselators, etc. Also, we’d like to see our lighting shaders work on GL core profile, you know, the same shaders which work well with OpenGl Es 2.0 emulator on the same bloody box (ironic, but probably using PowerVR software emulator), and the same shaders also work on Linux, Windows, and for gods sake, even Haiku under Mesa. It would be nice to have them work on 3.2 driver on Mountain Lion if Apple can divert their engineers from filing patents to actually doing some work:mad:

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